Candy Morris is famous! What again? Check out the Banner for the 2014 World Percheron Congress!

Guess who’s featured on the 2014 World Percheron Congress Advertisement Banner?  None other than Miss Candy Morris and Spirit. Candy has been instrumental of these recent years in organizing the GDHA Spring Shows plus annually showing her horse Spirit with her son Shane at the spring show AND the Georgia National Draft Horse Show, Perry GA .

Candy has been a tireless VOLUNTEER for the GDHA, and a fantastic MOM to her son. And then, well, there’s Spirit, a ton of Percheron driving and riding fun. Isn’t that right.

What finer acknowledgement for Candy’s devotion to promoting the use of the draft horse in America than the privilege of being showcased on the 2014 WPC Banner Advertising for all the Percheron and draft horse world to see.




The 16th World Percheron Congress is upcoming October 6-11, 2014 at the Eastern States Exposition Fairgrounds in West Springfield, MA.

 Enter HERE for all the details.


The 2014 World Percheron Congress is a celebration of the Percheron Horse! The World Percheron Congress is scheduled to be held October 6-11, 2014 at the Eastern States Exposition Fairgrounds in West Springfield, Massachusetts. The 2014 Congress promises to be the best ever! Exhibitors from across the U.S. and Canada will meet in West Springfield to showcase their beautiful Percherons. Horse lovers and international delegates from France, Great Britain, South America and Japan will gather to honor this great breed.


Travels with Charley & Sherry Lee – Itinerary 2014

Posted: March 11, 2014


Our 2014 travel plans are in and we would welcome any of you who would like to take your drafts or other driving horses out for a fun time driving trails all around the south to contact us for further information.

March 15-23: Black Prong Equestrian Center, Bronson FL

April 16-20: Catoosa Ridge Stables, Crossville, TN

May 29- June 1: Kentucky Horse Park, Lexington, KY

July 6-12: Moses Cone Equestrian Center, Blowing Rock, NC

Sept 3-7: Catoosa Ridge Stables, Crossville, TN

Oct 7-12: Kentucky Horse Park, Lexington, KY

Nov: Mullett Hall Equestrian Center, Johns Island, SC (date to be set later)

These are non competitive drives thru very pretty areas, some off road and some on roads. We just

go to enjoy driving.

Charley & Sherry

GDHA Member of the Month / August 2013 / Nottingham Shire and Carriage for Hire

Hello Everyone!

         My name is Amanda Araim and my husband Yasir and I own Nottingham Shire & Carriage For Hire.  I have been a horse lover since birth, and I started taking horseback riding lessons when I was six years old.  I finally got my first horse when I turned eight years old and have been a horse owner ever since. 


         In 1997 I purchased my first draft horse, a three month old registered Shire named Red Oak Midnight Angel.  In the years following Angel’s arrival I purchased more Shires and established Nottingham Shires and began breeding my Shires under the “Nottingham” farm name.  I joined GDHA in 1998 and began dabbling in local draft horse shows with my Shires and the foals I was raising.  After a few years I began taking my Shires to Regional and National Shire Horse Shows on the east coast and mid west.


         During this time I came across the opportunity to purchase a medallion to operate one horse drawn carriage in Atlanta.  In 2000 I established Nottingham Shire & Carriage For Hire and began working full time hacking rides in Atlanta.  At the time it seemed like it was “meant to be” for me and my first Shire, Angel.  She was diagnosed infertile by our vet, yet I did not want to sell her since I had become attached after raising and training her over the years.  Angel took to the Atlanta streets as a natural, and she currently trains new drivers for the company.  We started the carriage company with Shires, but over the years we have either bought or bred Gypsies, Percherons, and Standardbred/Percheron crosses that we use in addition to the Shires.


         Besides carriage rides in Atlanta, our horses have performed in many movies, music videos, reality shows, photo shoots, Santa deliveries, and countless weddings all over the Southeastern USA.

         A few years ago we started collecting various types of horse drawn vehicles to use for special events. We currently own over ten vis-a-vis carriages as well as a cinderella, brougham, rockaway coupe, and sleigh.  We offer single or team set up with all of our vehicles. 

         As of 2013 we own fourteen medallions to operate carriages in Atlanta, making us the largest carriage company in Atlanta since the carriage industry was established in Atlanta!

         Working horses in an urban environment results in our horses being heavily regulated, more than your average barn.  Our horses are required to be checked by a vet and issued a certificate of health every six months that we must turn in to the city of Atlanta.  The city of Atlanta also requires the carriage companies to brand every horse working in the city, and we use rubber shoes on all of our carriage horses.  Besides a vet exam every six months, our horses and carriages are also routinely inspected by the City of Atlanta Vehicles for Hire Division of Atlanta Police Department, GA Department of Agriculture, and Fulton County Animal Control. 


         My favorite aspect of driving a carriage in an urban environment is giving people that have never seen or touched a horse in their lifetime the experience with my horse.  A major bonus to driving a carriage for a living is the privilege to share my day to day life with my horse. We all know working with horses is a lot more fun than working with people! 

         Our company has been a member of the Carriage Operators of North America for many years, and I have been on the Board of Directors since 2010.  We are very excited to announce our company is hosting the CONA convention in Atlanta in February 2014!

         Nottingham Shire & Carriage For Hire will be announcing exciting news regarding our horses throughout 2013.  Stay tuned to our website to stay up to date on all the exciting events we have planned for sharing our draft horses with the public!

Amanda and Yasir Araim

Nottingham Shire and Carriage for Hire

Enter HERE for our website



GDHA Member of the Month / July 2013 / Lamar Mitchell


I am Lamar Mitchell from Shelbyville, TN.  I currently serve as the Georgia Draft Horse Association Vice President.


Our family farm is known as Southern view Farm and has been in our family for 19 years.  I have shown Tennessee Walking Horses and Spotted Saddle Horses since early childhood before getting involved with the Percherons.


I purchased my first Percheron in 1989 and have been active in the draft horse world ever since.  We first used our Percherons in parades and local county fairs but after being around these gentle giants, we decided to expand our experiences with them and start competing in 2005.  In 2006, Southern View Farm Percherons went to Perry Georgia to the Georgia National Fair and actively competed in halter classes.  Then, in 2007, I decided to purchase a driving cart and added that to our list of classes to enter.  In 2008, we decided we didn’t have enough to do, so we added the team class with the purchase of a wagon.


Up until this year we have successfully competed in halter, cart, team, and under saddle classes. Then I had the opportunity in late October to purchase two mares from Albert Cleve.  These mares came from his Blue Ribbon Farms 6 horse hitch.  We are excited to be adding the 4 horse hitch class to our list this year!


As of today, we own 6 head of Percheron mares and continue to raise colts and improve the blood lines.  I am always looking for opportunities to promote the draft horse breeds in the south.

My wife and I are very active in our local 4-h club and love the chance to expose the children in 4-H to these wonderful animals.







2013 Georgia Draft Horse Spring Show Update / April 7, 2013

Shane and Spirit

Hello Exhibitors!

The Georgia Draft Horse Spring show is next weekend! April 13, 2013 Saturday!

Hey! I’ll be in the SENIORS CLASS-50 & OLDER, too-it’s my favorite. It’s a blast! I promise you, when the show is over you will think to yourself, “WOW! THAT WAS SO FUN! I CANNOT BELIEVE I WORRIED ABOUT ANYTHING! Everybody was so nice and look at all of the ribbons we came home with! I cannot wait till next years’ show!”

Yet as an exhibitor coming into this show, I have to tell you my son only gets to see his horse several times a year. Shane and I have not given Spirit a hug or a treat or a kiss on the “nosie” since after the Georgia National Fair last year! BUT Shane will be seeing Spirit this Tuesday for some practice, and whatever they accomplish until Saturday will be the only practice they will get!

The rainy miserable late winter weather has been keeping everyone from really tuning up and all will be wooly drafts with hair flying everywhere. I know of no one that is going to do a body clip!

I think we all just want a beautiful SPRING day and to get out and hang out!

Note:  Carts technically only matter in class #17 & 19 [SHOW HITCH HORSES] and then #28 [OVERALL TURNOUT]. Other than that, dust it off and put it on trailer!

Remember, this is a fun show, a learning show, a schooling show, a practice show, a show for new horses AND new people, a show put on for spectators to enjoy also. This is a place where you watch everybody who’s been doing it for a while and ask them a zillion questions! Most importantly, this is an opportunity to make new friends for you AND your draft horse.

Looking forward to meeting you at Exhibitors Party on Friday night! Bring some food and be ready to relax and have fun.

Your GDHA Annual Spring Show Chair 2013,

Candy Morris!

GDHA Member of the Month / April 2013 / Brooke Daly


My name is Brooke Daly, I am 17 years old and I live in Chapel Hill, Tennesse.  I attend Forrest High School in Chapel Hill as a Junior and plan to pursue a career in the equine veterinary field. This has been my dream for as long as I can remember.


I have been showing horses since I was 3 years old.  I show Tennessee Walking Horses, Spotted Saddle Horses, Barrel Race quarter horses and my favorite, Percheron Horses.  My family and I raise the Tennessee Walking, Spotted Saddle and quarter horses, but our friends the Mitchells from Shelbyville TN own the Percherons.  They introduced me and my family to these wonderful animals 6 years ago.


I started out showing Percherons in halter, showmanship and youth cart classes.  Last year,  I added the youth team class and the draft under saddle class to the list!  We decided last year to break one of the cart mares to ride so I could compete in the under saddle class.  It was an experience, but it worked out great!  We won the youth under saddle class at the North American Livestock Show in Louisville Ky last year!


My most favorite class is the youth team class.  I love the feeling you get sitting on the wagon looking down on the horses and watching them work together!  We have plans to hook a four horse hitch this coming year!  I can’t wait for the opportunity to drive four!  One day, I want to drive a six horse hitch in the shows!


We show the Percherons at fairs and Draft association shows from Georgia to Kentucky.  One of my favorite things to do at these shows, is to bring one of the mares out of the stalls and let the kids come up and pet her.  Seeing their eyes light up and hearing them all say WOW LOOK HOW BIG SHE IS! Just makes my day!  Also, the parents like to come up and ask questions.  The most common one we get is, “Is that a Clydesdale?”  Now, we like to have a little fun with this one before we answer it truthfully because we have friends that are usually stabled next to us with Clydesdales and they love to hear that question.  Other favorites are, how much do they eat, how much do they weigh and how tall are they.  But, honestly educating people about the Percheron breed and about exactly why they are called the “Gentle Giants” is something I really enjoy.  When we have the mares out rolling manes and getting them ready for the show, there is always a crowd gathered.  We can hardly get them to the cart or wagon for the crowd wanting to take pictures of them all dressed up.  But, honestly, can you blame them!


In 2012, I was asked to be a member of the Georgia Draft Horse youth group.    I always enjoy being around kids that share the same passion about horses as I do and this youth group does just that!  The Draft Horse association is like one big family.  We all help each other from unloading horses and helping set up, to loaning harness parts, to helping get them ready and even showing for each other.  We all work hard together and we play hard together.  Trust me when I say the other breeds are nothing like the draft horse family.


Thanks for reading!




Member of the Month / March 2013 / Emily Bagby

Hi Everyone!

This is my story!

In 2008 I found a dog that was a collie mix. I heard from my neighbor that Rebecca Cannon loved collies. So I called her and she came and decided to keep the dog. She found out I loved horses and the rest was history. From then on, Rebecca taught me how to ride English, post, drive, do showmanship, and pretty much everything else there was to know.

2012 Perry Show - Youth Showmanship

She has taken me to Perry, GA, Raleigh, NC, Louisville, KY, Ohio, and various places for the spring show. I also went with Rebecca to volunteer at Tri-State Therapeutic Riding Center in Cleveland, TN.

This past year in 2012, I won the Jonathan Ayers Memorial Scholarship Award at Perry for sportsmanship. This meant so much to me because I love the Georgia National Draft Horse Show in Perry, Georgia and all the people who put it together year after year!

2012 Perry Show - Youth Cart 2012 Perry Youth Under Saddle

In the future I plan to own Clydesdales and continue showing and teaching other kids to show also!

My favorite class is English Undersaddle!

~Emily Bagby


Member of the Month / February 2013 / Betty Gottberg

martini-and-betty_1 My name is Betty Gottberg,
I have loved horses since I was very small, but never owned one. I always rode family and friend’s horses.

My love for the Draft Horse was instilled in me by Lawana Smith Higgins. She introduced me to her beautiful Clydesdales and I fell in love with them. Lawana took me under her wings and let me ride Danny her Clydesdale in the Spring Show in Calhoun Ga. I rode in the Western Pleasure Amateur Class and came in 2nd in a class of ten. I was so excited I thought it was a dream at 74 years of age. I was so proud of the ribbon I put it in a shadow box.

Then God sent me my first horse September 22, 2012. It belonged to the late Pia Johansson, her husband gifted the horse to me, his name is “Martini”. Lawana made my dream come true by letting me keep him at her stables, the Double S Farm. She has taught me about harness and driving. I joined the Georgia Draft Horse Association because I wanted to be a
part of this wonderful draft horse family.

I am living happily everafter!!!!!!!…..Betty and Martini (Belgian Clydesdale cross)


From Charley & Sherry Lee: January 28, 2013

Wow ! What a change in the website! Very nice. Sherry and I will be traveling with our horses to drive and would love to see some drafts join with us. Our itinerary is partially done for 2013 and follows:

March 16-24 to Black Prong Equestrian Center in Bronson, FL for a week of driving beautiful trails, cones courses, hazards, and a very nice Maze.
April 17-21 to Catoosa Ridge Stables in Crossville, TN for a few days of trail driving and riding.
May 3-5 to Lexington, KY for a weekend of driving thru the KY Horse Park.
July 7-14 to Blowing Rock Equestrian Center for a week of driving the most beautiful trails thru the mountains in NC.
Sept 4-8 we are back to Catoosa Ridge
Oct 8-12 we are back to Lexington to spend a week driving thru the KHP
We will be going to Catoosa 2-3 times more but do not have dates yet.
It would be great to see some of our draft horse friends sit back and drive with no competition. We really have a neat group of drivers from all over the South who meet at these places and relax.
Anyone interested contact me at
Blowing Rock, North Carolina