2013 Georgia National Draft Horse Show – Exhibitor: Southern View Farm

Southern View Farm

Lamar & Crystal Mitchell
Registered  Percherons & Registered Tennessee Walking Horses
Shelbyville, TN


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Southern View Farm

Southern View Percherons at 2012 Perry Show


Registered Percherons

Registered Tennessee Walking Horses

Shelbyville, TN


Lamar and Chrystal Mitchell started in 1994 with each of them coming from a horse background. In the beginning days Southern View Farm mainly centered on Tennessee Walking Horse breeding and showing and kept a few Percherons just to play with and to show at local county fairs and enjoyed raising an occasional foal.

Lamar Mitchell

In 2005 the Mitchells changed their main interest over to the Percherons and began showing halter. In 2007 they got into hitching the big horses with cart and team and downsized the walking horse operation.

In that short span, their accomplishments include champion mare Black River Misty at 2011 NAILE in Louisville, Kentucky, and Reserve Grand Champion Stallion Southern View Cash at the 2012 Georgia National Fair. Also a 4th in amateur cart with Simpsons Shelley at 2010 World Percheron Congress. She also was grand champion mare at several local county fairs.

Lamar Mitchell / NAILE

Southern View Farm has also garnered numerous State 4-H titles with their walking horses that kids have used.

The Mitchells only raise two or three foals a year with quality being on focus. They usually have something for sale and if they don’t have it they can find it.

They currently keep six mares and one young stallion.

Southern View Farms Team Class 2012 Perry Show