Candy’s Corner: GDHA Spring Show 2012 Thank you!

Candy GDHA spring show 2012 riding Spirit

Candy’s Corner: January 25, 2013
RE: May, 2012 GDHA Spring Show

As Chairman of the 2012 GDHA Spring Show I just wanted to say THANK YOU!

To the show personnel for the 2012 GDHA Annual Spring Show.

Brittany Edgerton: Show Co Chairman.
Honorary Help to the Show Chairman: Lawana Smith-Higgins
Judge: Renon Pruiett.
Ring Master: Tyler Pruiett.
Announcer: Ed Hawkins.
Ribbon Queen: Julie Lanning.
Photographer: Jill Monroe Photography.
Gate Keeper: Darrell Monroe.
Book Keeper: Rosemary Edgerton.

Thanks to David Williams BBQ for catering us a fantastic breakfast & lunch. David and his crew got to Broken Heart Ranch around 7:00 pm Friday night and stayed up the whole night Smoking us some BBQ, then happily served us all on Saturday!

Thanks to the Board of Directors/Officers of the GDHA for holding my hand through my first show.

Thanks for the Donations from Classic City Clydes, FairWinds Farm, Jill Monroe Photography, TLJ Farm, SouthernView Percherons, Milton’s Tree Service, No. 8 Farms and Lawana Smith-Higgins. Without you we could not have shown a PROFIT for this show!

The High Point Awards were sponsored by Classic City Clydes, Jill Monroe Photography & SouthernView Percherons; they were presented in Perry, Georgia at the Georgia National Fair at the Georgia Draft Horse Show held on October 12th and 13th, 2012.

Huge Thanks to Kayle Grott in Wisconsin for designing our Show Poster, the World Draft Horse Network site, which let us borrow their site to place our Show Poster and all of the Show Documents that went along with it because our GDHA Web-Site was under construction. That same address will be having the latest GDHA events posted on it for a year. So please keep checking back!

Click here for World Draft Horse Network

Big Thanks to Jamie and Michelle Morrison of Broken Heart Ranch in Calhoun, Georgia for letting us have our show at their facility on May 5. All of the Broken Heart Ranch Family rolled out the Red Carpet for us and really made us feel welcome. And what fun they are! They were all there for us; no matter what we needed, they made it happen. They even left a faithful friend to stay the night Friday in case we needed anything!

Thanks to my All Youth Show Day Show Committee of: S

Shane Brown of No. 8 Farms,
Macon Martin of Classic City Clydes,
Chris Cannon of FairWinds Farm,
Emily Bagby, exhibitor for FairWinds Farm,
Brooke Daley, exhibitor for SouthernView Percherons,
Alliey Gladden & Paige Gladden, both exhibitors for Down South Carriage Services.

And a fine bunch of Youth they are! Whatever I asked of them, they were there for me! Great Job Youth!

Thanks to all of my friends and family and everyone who helped me with the show. If I haven’t mentioned your name, no matter; you ARE ALL important to us and we appreciate you! VERY MUCH!

We had classes for everyone. I have never seen such a crowd of spectators before: those folks were having so much fun up on the ‘greens’ as they were calling it! People have no idea what draft horses can do or that anyone can own a draft horse! Or that children also show our gentle giants! Our exhibitors AND horses were top notch and in their form on Saturday May 5 at Broken Heart Ranch! We certainly put on a wonderful show! I have seen comments from states away that were impressed! I have never been so proud to see ALL of us, members or non-members; pull together and help each other out and make everyone feel very, very welcome. Spectators and Exhibitors alike! What a blast we had!

I cannot hardly think anyone will forget a big silver percheron named Spirit chasing me for all he was worth in Class # 31 Open Obstacle “Bribe Your Horse” (this class was totally Brittany Edgerton’s idea! Very popular!) for his Krusteaz Belgian Waffle Mix pancakes, heaped with powdered sugar and floating in blueberry Syrup! And Class # 33A Open Amateur Under Saddle W/T with ten exhibitors! TEN! wow! It looked like somebody kicked a pile of fire ants because we had horses with exhibitors going every which-a-way! So much fun!

Everything went smooth, the weather was great. Smiles all around! The show wasn’t over until after 8:00 that evening, but everyone left the show happy! I am still receiving good feedback and comments concerning the GDHA Annual Spring Show 2012. If you missed it though, Not To Worry, we have some great things for everybody on the GDHA calendar!

Thanks again,
Candy Morris

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