2013 Georgia Draft Horse Spring Show Update / April 7, 2013

Shane and Spirit

Hello Exhibitors!

The Georgia Draft Horse Spring show is next weekend! April 13, 2013 Saturday!

Hey! I’ll be in the SENIORS CLASS-50 & OLDER, too-it’s my favorite. It’s a blast! I promise you, when the show is over you will think to yourself, “WOW! THAT WAS SO FUN! I CANNOT BELIEVE I WORRIED ABOUT ANYTHING! Everybody was so nice and look at all of the ribbons we came home with! I cannot wait till next years’ show!”

Yet as an exhibitor coming into this show, I have to tell you my son only gets to see his horse several times a year. Shane and I have not given Spirit a hug or a treat or a kiss on the “nosie” since after the Georgia National Fair¬†last year! BUT Shane will be seeing Spirit this Tuesday for some practice, and whatever they accomplish until Saturday will be the only practice they will get!

The rainy miserable late winter weather has been keeping everyone from really tuning up and all will be wooly drafts with hair flying everywhere. I know of no one that is going to do a body clip!

I think we all just want a beautiful SPRING day and to get out and hang out!

Note:  Carts technically only matter in class #17 & 19 [SHOW HITCH HORSES] and then #28 [OVERALL TURNOUT]. Other than that, dust it off and put it on trailer!

Remember, this is a fun show, a learning show, a schooling show, a practice show, a show for new horses AND new people, a show put on for spectators to enjoy also. This is a place where you watch everybody who’s been doing it for a while and ask them a zillion questions! Most importantly, this is an opportunity to make new friends for you AND your draft horse.

Looking forward to meeting you at Exhibitors Party on Friday night! Bring some food and be ready to relax and have fun.

Your GDHA Annual Spring Show Chair 2013,

Candy Morris!

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